Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little Gingers

We love ginger in this house,
Oscar and I made little Gingers last night. He was very proud of them.

Friday, January 30, 2009


They rejected our first offer on the house.
Oh well, onwards and upwards we go.
We can make another offer....Monday or today? Monday or Today?
I don't want another house to slip through our fingers.

Yarn mail and a soaker...

I got some delicious yarn mail from The Dye Pot. Scrummy colourways on a nice, thick merino base. I wanted to test this yarn out for Loopy Lilly so I quickly knit a frilly soaker for Ginger.
The colours are lovely and so is the yarn. It gets the thumbs up so far but I want to see how it washes and wears as well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new house ??

We made an offer on a great house yesterday. Yayayayayay!
We have a loan application in the works as well. Oh I hope this is the one for us.

It's got 3 big bedrooms, plus a big L-shaped sleepout, plus another little study type room (maybe the kids toy room) - all in addition to the large lounge/dining area. The bathroom is nicely done, the kitchen is quaint but relatively new. The whole house is white inside with nice dark floorboards and posh carpet in the bedrooms.

It's a big old Qld-er and underneath is massive with potential to put a slab and make a studio for Dion as well a big play area for the kids and loads of storage.

This house needs a big deck which will no doubt be one of our first renovations.

I'm pretty excited if you can't tell.

The best thing about it is that everyone will have their own space - I will get my own knitting/craft room!!!

I can't believe we could be home owners and be paying just a little more than we currently do in rent.

So that's my big news for the week.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate waiting

I've ordered 2kgs of BFL, 500gms of Aran Merino and some more stunning yarn from The Dye Pot and now I have to wait for it to arrive. I hate waiting. But I love the day it finally lands on my door step. Nothing like a big pile of squishy yarn.

I've got plenty on at the moment, but I like being busy.
I've got to speed knit a soaker for Ginger out of a new yarn I am testing for Loopy Lilly. And I want to have an exclusive Loopy Lilly colourway available for all you Winter knitters. The first Loopy Lilly colourway ever. Everything else I've done has been OOAK and never to be repeated. Never to repeated because I can't remember how I did it!

The first Loopy Lilly colourway is one for the girls and it's been seen before ;)
Enough hints, you will just have to wait and see.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stocking News

Well last year was a busy one - we had a baby, moved house not once, but twice, sold our car, bought another one and re-opened Loopy Lilly with great success.

At the moment I am completing a couple of customs and knitting stock for a March 1st stocking. This one will be big. I hope to have at least 6 longies sets ready to go, as well as a custom slot or two. Minicuteture will also be running a number of auctions which I will be involved in.

Previously I have taken on a lot of privately requested customs, but I can't keep doing this. So I will be releasing very limited custom slots through my store and will not be able to fulfill any more private requests. I would really love to do a custom for everyone who asks but I just don't get time to stock my store at all and I also find it a bit stressful, I will admit.

I've got back into my blogging again so all updates and news of stockings will be posted here.


Kozy Love

I'm still trying to get this mei tai thing happening properly. Today we went to Natural Bridge and I wore Ginger in the Kozy. I did a back carry with the bottom rolled up so that she could see out. She loved it and fell asleep after a while.

I had to stop and adjust it a few times and near the end of our hour long walk my shoulders were starting to ache. I suspect because of the way she was leaning to one side.

I think it needs wearing in, it's still a little stiff. But it's a great carrier. My only gripe is the long straps which hang in the dirt or mud while I'm tying them.

I do love the print of this Kozy. Pretty but not overly so. I think Dion could almost get away with wearing it.

In celebration of normal natural childbirth

Ginger was born at home in our garage. I had arranged the space with a futon, our birth pool, candles, rugs and affirmations.

On the morning of her birth I started having contractions at 6.30am. I sent my partner off to work and spent the morning pottering around, doing washing, playing with Oscar and finishing off the birth room. When things amped up I called my partner home and called my mother to come and watch Oscar. I retreated to our birth room not noticing my change in behavior and not realising that the birth was imminent.

By the time I asked Dion to call our midwife Sue, I was fully dilated, had jumped in the pool and my body was beginning to push Ginger out.

Nothing was required of me but to ride it out and enjoy it.

Ginger's head and shoulders were born before our midwife made an appearance and as Sue watched on the rest of her body slid out into her daddies hands.

A baby girl was born at 4.35pm. Everyone felt energised, especially me. Her brother was there, he has fond memories of his sisters birth. I found the experience exhilarating, sensual - amazing. I want to do it again and again.

Ginger Pearl - 3rd September 2008

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yarn lushness

This is from The Dye Pot. Sara is a good friend of mine who does amazing kettle dyeing. She sent me this skein as a gift because she is beautiful. It's super soft, ultrafine merino - Aran, nice and thick.

Lucky me! This skein will be knitted into something for Ginger - either a soaker or some capris.

Sara's store can be found here.

Baby wearing...

This is Ginger in our first ever mei tai. It was made especially for us. I think she likes it.

A new obsession now - baby carriers. We have a RS and a Kozy as well as this one. I'm on the hunt for a SSC or buckle tai.

One of my many obsessions...

Is cloth nappies. Especially minky or bamboo velour nappies. Some of my favorites...